Friday, March 1, 2013

A winter day in Chalkidiki

Today, this last day of February, i found myself on a trip to Chalkidiki, the land near Thessaloniki with the most blue seas and beautifull villages. Whatever is the purpose of a small trip, job or fun, as soon as the car gets away from the crowded city roads and begins crossing provincial serpentine ones, its like nature open hands to give you a hug.

 We've moved 50 km to a nearby village so charming in winter colors.Green bushes, wet due to yesterday rain and orange little wild flowers in the fields.

A wonderfull almond tree full of white little flowers, so shiny in dark cloudy winter.

  Olive trees layed down the hill, free from their fruits, ready to feed new ones. I am really so fond of this tree, its just so Greece into my mind.. Land full of olive trees , no fences, its like inviting you to taste their fruits, i think i'd love to own such a land.

Nearby a grey naked bush, the winter itself, yet, next to it, a bouquet of green bushes full of red poppies and little yellow flowers in a ditch to the edge of the narrow country road.

If you see the photo you could believe it was taken on a shiny day yet it was this rainy cloudy day but it seems as these flowers reflect their yellow light all around. I walked on a green wet field, i got draggled, i was cold and happily returned in the heat of my car, but if i had more time and proper shoes i would have walked  a long walk, maybe next time......


  1. do you know what kind of flowers the yellow ones are called?

  2. Hi Victoria how are you? i really dont know how are they called but they are wild flowers that yoy can find anywhere in Greece !! if i learn it i will let you know, kisses!!