Monday, March 25, 2013

Apple pie

Try this apple pie, its delicious and very easy

4 eggs
4 glasses of sugar
1 glass of flower sun seed oil
1 small glass of brandy
2 tea spoons of cinnamon
4 glasses or more of  flour
2 big spoons of  baking powder
7 apples

First separate the eggs,  put the whites of eggs and shake them well then add the sugar, then the yolks and mix , add the seed oil, the brandy, the cinnamon and put in the flour with the baking soda. You have to make a really  tight porridge so the spoon inside the mixture cannot move, then put in in a stick and leave there until you cut the apples.

Cut the apples as when you eat them, see my photos to understand, and then in  small slices and put them in the mixture the one very next to the other, don’t think  its too many apples , you  need them for good taste ,  that’s why we made such a tight mixture to absorb the water coming off the apples.
Bake in the oven to 180 c/ fan for 50 minutes, don’t be afraid if the colour is dark , its not overbaked it’s because of cinnamon.
I hope you try it and send me your comments
Kisses Maria

Monday, March 18, 2013


Welcome March!

The Spring month has come, I wish that Spring comes  everywhere, inside our hearts and outside in our faces with smiles, in our material world and in our spiritual one.

Easter is coming fast, in Greece a  long  period  of fasting for 40 days begins , that means we don’t eat meat and milk products during this period.

This month is full of crocheting and sewing projects.  Well   first of all I have to finish up with house cleaning and I mean good cleaning. In Greece we learned from our  mothers  this cleaning tradition, clean all drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, wash all curtains,  clean all rooms and outside verandas , yards…( if cleaning ever ends  especially with Igor in the house our always hungry labrador)..fortunately mothers became  logical today they don’t pay so much attention in these things, never the less  we feel  a bit guilty when we don’t do it the old way.

I dream of taking my  coffee , sit in my corner in the sofa and crochet. I’ve just finished the olive bag  so I proudly show it to you, you can see here.

I have sewn my Easter or Spring ornaments, little fabric  hearts , butterflies, birds and flowers and I cut a branch from a tree and decorated it with all these small pillows. See the first photos, soon I will do it in blue and yellow combination which I like also very much.

Well girls enjoy   your coffee or tea time along with crocheting!

Friday, March 1, 2013

A winter day in Chalkidiki

Today, this last day of February, i found myself on a trip to Chalkidiki, the land near Thessaloniki with the most blue seas and beautifull villages. Whatever is the purpose of a small trip, job or fun, as soon as the car gets away from the crowded city roads and begins crossing provincial serpentine ones, its like nature open hands to give you a hug.

 We've moved 50 km to a nearby village so charming in winter colors.Green bushes, wet due to yesterday rain and orange little wild flowers in the fields.

A wonderfull almond tree full of white little flowers, so shiny in dark cloudy winter.

  Olive trees layed down the hill, free from their fruits, ready to feed new ones. I am really so fond of this tree, its just so Greece into my mind.. Land full of olive trees , no fences, its like inviting you to taste their fruits, i think i'd love to own such a land.

Nearby a grey naked bush, the winter itself, yet, next to it, a bouquet of green bushes full of red poppies and little yellow flowers in a ditch to the edge of the narrow country road.

If you see the photo you could believe it was taken on a shiny day yet it was this rainy cloudy day but it seems as these flowers reflect their yellow light all around. I walked on a green wet field, i got draggled, i was cold and happily returned in the heat of my car, but if i had more time and proper shoes i would have walked  a long walk, maybe next time......