Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabric Flowers

If you search in your house you will find many fabric items you dont use, old sheets, clothes, you can use them to make fabric flowers very easily. You will need  a strip of fabric, needle and thread and scissors.

 Cut out from a fabric that you like  a rectangle approximately 5x 30 cm long ( you can change this and make it wider or longer ).Fold it  as in the photo so that you have a neat ending and now fold over one end and secure it with a stitch or ironing it and start a running stitch along the bottom of the strip of fabric. When you have reached the end of your strip, pull the thread so the fabric bunches up , secure it and shape it into a flower.

Then secure all the layers by stitching through each and secure the bottom of the flower.
  WAA LAH! You made it, now its the most pleasant and creative work, decorate it sewing beads, add some piece of lace, make a bow and put it on, let your imagination act!


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