Greek Christmas honey biscuits

5:36 PM

Ingredients   2 teacups flower sun seed oil
                        1 teacup sugar
                        Half a teacup brandy
                        Half a teacup fresh orange juice
                        Half a small spoon cinnamon
                        7-8 teacups flour
                        2 small spoons baking powder
                        1 small spoon bicarbonate of soda

Syrup             3 teacups water
                       2 teacups sugar
                       2 teacups honey
                       1 spoon lemon juice

Start the syrup first, put in a medium pot the water, sugar and honey and cook them for 10-12 min. in a medium heat, add the lemon at the end and let it come to room temperature ( we don't want the syrup boiling when we put in the baked biscuits to absorb it).

Put in a bowl the flower sun seed oil then the sugar , brandy, orange juice and cinnamon and mix them well. Then slowly add the flour mixed with baking powder and bicarbonade of soda until you make a nice smooth yeast. Take small balls of the yeast and give them the shape you want. Put them in a stick and bake them in the oven to 170c/fan for 250-30 min.

 As soon as biscuits get out of the oven, while they are still hot hot we dip them in the pot with the syrup for 1-2 min and we take them away with a skimmer and put them in a beautifull xmas platter. Then we put over the syruped biscuits chopped walnuts.

I wish you will make the most delicious melomakarona this Christmas!

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