Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Greek Christmas honey biscuits

Ingredients   2 teacups flower sun seed oil
                        1 teacup sugar
                        Half a teacup brandy
                        Half a teacup fresh orange juice
                        Half a small spoon cinnamon
                        7-8 teacups flour
                        2 small spoons baking powder
                        1 small spoon bicarbonate of soda

Syrup             3 teacups water
                       2 teacups sugar
                       2 teacups honey
                       1 spoon lemon juice

Start the syrup first, put in a medium pot the water, sugar and honey and cook them for 10-12 min. in a medium heat, add the lemon at the end and let it come to room temperature ( we don't want the syrup boiling when we put in the baked biscuits to absorb it).

Put in a bowl the flower sun seed oil then the sugar , brandy, orange juice and cinnamon and mix them well. Then slowly add the flour mixed with baking powder and bicarbonade of soda until you make a nice smooth yeast. Take small balls of the yeast and give them the shape you want. Put them in a stick and bake them in the oven to 170c/fan for 250-30 min.

 As soon as biscuits get out of the oven, while they are still hot hot we dip them in the pot with the syrup for 1-2 min and we take them away with a skimmer and put them in a beautifull xmas platter. Then we put over the syruped biscuits chopped walnuts.

I wish you will make the most delicious melomakarona this Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

About my blog

Lover of everything crafted... 

Its really magic how many things we can do by our hands, how much we can get from this creative work although this is not a work. You know in Greek work is translated douleia and its means slavery, so it contains not a very good meaning. Creation is a much better word to express everything we do even if we do it in order to produce money.
Crafting, whatever it is , knitting, embroidering, painting, jewelery, cooking, first of all gives us a feeling of warmth inside. Something very sweet  fills our body and soul when sitting in front of a paint stand , when we gother all necessary materials in many many boxes on the table and we pull our chair to take position , to touch , get inspired, start making things.
   We listen  to our favorite music and we read the recipe in the old opened dirty from cake splashes recipe book. We let our imagination quide us . What is important is to leave our sofa, to share what we love with other people, to use as men did years ago our soul and hands, creating and not buying things because these things will contain something from us therefore they will be precious.